South Sea Pearl Stones are Valuable and Luxurious Gem with Warm Golden Tone

South Sea peas are recognized for their unique golden tone and size. It is obtained from Pinctada Maxima species of oyster which is actually a bivalve mollusk. They are the biggest oyster till date and therefore pearls obtained from their shell are also equally large. Tahitian black pearls are considered unique and expensive, but it is south sea pearls that are priceless and the biggest of all pearls. Due to their strong shell, their nacre is also strong and gives heavy luster to stone.

Out of all cultured pearls, golden pearls dominate. Due to their size and scarcity of availability makes it desirable and expensive. A single strand of golden pearl necklace is supposed to be very expensive. Those who have good knowledge about pearls will understand its value. However, even jewelers understand that not everyone can afford only golden pearls thus, they combine with other reasonable pearls to make affordable. A mix and match of pearls in single strand necklace or double pearl earrings with golden and white Akoya pearl on it is also a masterpiece.

Here is some basic information of Golden South Sea stones –

  • Golden lip oyster takes around 2 to 4 years to produce golden pearl; because of this they are so big in size. However, Akoya pearls take 1 or 2 years to produce.
  • The value of pearl is higher than Akoya or Tahitian, but even in Golden pearls there is a category in which they fall. The deepest color is considered expensive and is compared to 24karat.
  • The color range starts from creamy white to deep golden color. Every color is valuable, but gold color is most expensive.
  • They largeness is due to numerous layers of nacre which makes it lustrous. Golden lip oyster also has thick nacre quality which gives pearls bright and dark shades with varying hues.
  • The smallest size of this pearl is of 8mm, average size is 10mm to 13mm and the biggest size is measured to 20mm till date.
  • They are not only golden, but white in color as well. Where white pearls are obtained from Australia, golden pearls are exported from Indonesia and Philippines.

It is difficult to get Golden pearls in every store. Mostly they are available in auctions. These auctions are held in Hong Kong and Japan frequently.