Indispensable baby gear

  • Baby carrier: A baby carrier is a genius invention that allows you to simultaneously snuggle the baby while multitasking. Your hands are free, allowing you to perform other chores. 

While choosing a baby carrier, you have to ensure that the baby straps and harnesses are secured firmly around your body. Also, it helps to have material that is low maintenance. Baby sling carrier is essentially made up of soft fabric and although many parents swear by it, it is known for causing accidents. 

  • Stroller: A stroller is another effective way to take your baby with you. It’s hard to carry your baby everywhere as it can exhaust your arms. Strollers today come with additional features like extra storage space for carrying accessories, a reclining seat that allows your baby to nap, a foldable stroller that aids in easy transportation especially down a staircase or a jogging stroller.
  • Car seat: There are car seats that are exclusively designed for babies. Many parents are tempted into buying secondhand car-seats due to the price factor but avoid this at all costs. You never know if the seat was potentially involved in any accidents. Car seats come with a manufacture and expiration date and are deemed safe-to-use until the age of eight years. It is of paramount importance that you check the expiry date before purchasing a new car seat. 
  • Car seat cover or blanket: In case it’s cold, drape a blanket or a car seat cover over your baby. Avoid putting on a sweater or jacket because this will prevent the harness from being tightened. There are online websites like Pinkiblue baby store that accommodate baby products. 
  • Sunshades for the car windows: While adults use this to protect our eyes and skin from sun glare, it is equally important for a baby’s protection as well, especially since they have delicate and sensitive skin. 
  • Baby backpack: Baby backpacks are fundamentally designed to hold your babies at the back. This is especially handy for adventure freaks like hikers who can easily navigate their steps, all the while being hands-free. This will also allow the baby to see what you’re seeing at a heightened position. 
  • Rocking chair: This is as beneficial for a baby as it is for a parent. It’s a good way to snuggle for bedtime stories and also a great place for breastfeeding while putting your baby to sleep.