Here’s why buying pre-owned is a good investment strategy

Fine jewelry and luxury watches can be much more than an emotional investment—they can be a smart financial investment too. Jewelry and watches crafted from precious metals and high-quality gemstones can not only retain their monetary value, but also grow in value each year.

Pre-Owned = Higher Value

Purchasing pre-owned jewelry is comparable to purchasing pre-owned vehicles. It is a widely accepted fact that a new car depreciates at a startlingly quick rate during the first year of ownership. The same rule applies to jewelry.

For instance, purchasing a new Rolex will cost significantly more than buying a pre-owned Rolex. Research jewelry brands and confirm the value of their former jewelry collections to predict their future worth.

Pre-Owned Jewelry Means Better Pricing

Pre-owned jewelry offers the chance to secure valuable pieces at competitive pricing. Since new jewelry markup can be high, a comparable pre-owned jewelry item will be sold at discount.

Owners for a variety of reasons may sell pre-owned jewelry pieces and those looking for a quick sale could offer items below market value. Keep in mind that even if jewelry items initially depreciate, after 30 years the original value is earned back.

Choosing Pre-Owned Jewelry Pieces Wisely

Not all pre-owned jewelry pieces are sound investments. Choosing very trendy items from offbeat designers may not grow in value over time. However, high-quality diamond jewelry from well-known designers is usually a sure thing.

Vintage watches are also recognized for retaining and even growing in value. For instance, pre-owned Rolex and Cartier watches from limited edition collections are guaranteed good buys.

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