Handcrafted bags are the new trend in fashion and there is a great number of reasons that make it happen.  

Modern women and men are well informed about the fashion and people from both genders are trying to be fashionable while the same time stand out from the mob by maintaining a unique personal style.

4bag is a Greek family business which exists since 1967 and produces its own handcrafted bags that are made by 100% recycled leather of great quality.

The e-shop with handmade bags

The last 5 years, the quality of authentic products of 4bag company, is travelling around Europe, as people can access to them by using the internet and the e-shop with bags 4bag.

The top seller of the online shop is the Greek Handmade bags and the Italian Handmade bags, the handcrafted products of the company.

Among with the company’s products, you can also find online, the most loved European brand bags for women, men and teenagers.

Every new day, new products come to add to the list of 1000 and more handbags and accessories and every new week you can find new products at the bags in discount.  This means that you are going to find some of your favorite brand names at lower prices.

Why people prefer to buy handmade products

Nowadays, people tend to buy more and more handmade products. They prefer to take the raw materials directly from the production spot and they also prefer to wear clothes and accessories made with love and care from human’s hands.

The fact that every single bag is made carefully by people, turns the product into a special item.

No money down and 6 installments

Enjoy you online shopping today with no money down and 6 interest free installments with your credit card! We are also accepting paypal payments and all the major credit and debit cards.

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