Esparto footwear for this summer!

When good weather arrives, we are all willing to get rid of shoes and let our feet breathe. That’s when we start thinking about the type of footwear we should wear.

This summer the esparto is undoubtedly the trendiest footwear material. We see it reflected in wedges, platforms and we can even find it in original espadrilles for women. Flat sandals with bohemian and colorful prints also predominate this summer’s look.

The trendiest footwear this summer is as follows:

#1 Wedges

If there is a summer shoe that doesn’t go out of fashion those are undoubtedly wedges. This type of footwear is used by many people every summer.

In addition to their comfort they add a more formal touch to your look. You can take them both to work or to have dinner with friends. As for the combination, it’s a perfect complement with almost any garment, from shorts to a little more formal long dress.

# 2 Platforms

If you are looking for comfort and some height, esparto platforms are the perfect footwear. Fortunately, there are different platform measures that will suit your style.

We can find them of all kind. For example, simple platforms of neutral color that we can use as a daily complement, or more formal with touches of rhinestones and a few centimeters more.

# 3 Espadrilles

We have all worn espadrilles sometime, as they are a classic of every summer. This type of footwear allows the perspiration to the foot. Moreover, they are made with natural materials such as the cotton and its soles with a mixture of jute and hemp.

There are many uses that have been given to espadrilles, from its use in popular dances as well as in more formal events. In recent years great designers have brought to the market collections of espadrilles that have turned them into a worldwide trend.

# 4 The Sandals

We can’t forget about sandals, they arealways a safe bet due to the comfort they provide us.

This season the boho-chic style will continue to predominate, in which the long and printed dresses and the great variety of accessories such as jewels or bags with fringes stand out so the sandals with bohemian airs will fit perfectly in your look.

For those who bet to go flat, they are the perfect footwear!