Diamond Accents, What You Need to Know!

Diamonds can be accentuated in various ways. Gemstones can add a bit of colour or perhaps a design which is delicate and unique in shape will help enhance the beauty and sparkle of your diamond. One of the most popular ways to promote and allow your diamond to stand out is with the use of diamond accents.

Diamond Accents are smaller diamonds that are incorporated into the design of the diamond ring in order to enhance and accentuate the beauty of the bigger central diamond.

Accent sizes

Diamond accents tend to vary in size. Usually, it depends on the size of the central diamond. Most will weigh around 0.01-0.20 carats, but their sole purpose is to accentuate and complement the main diamond, not to overshadow it. Therefore, they are relatively small in size.

Accent designs

Diamond accents generally come in four different types:

  • Round Accents – Round accents are very versatile, they are simple yet stunning, but since they are a classic shape, they can be paired with beautifully, to complement any diamond.
  • Trillion Accents – These designs are often used in three-stone settings to sit at the sides of the big diamond. They have a triangular shape, and the way they are cut provides intense sparkle.
  • Marquise Accents – Again, these designs are more used as side stones and tend to be similar to baguette diamonds in the way they are set. They are oval shaped with a pointy top and bottom.
  • Baguette Accents – These stones are great for complementing the central diamond and are generally set either side. They are step-cut diamonds (14 facets) are rectangular in shape. There are also tapered versions with long sides which narrow towards the bottom.

What to choose?

No matter what design of accent you opt for they all serve a purpose, all help to accentuate a diamond offering show-stopping results. Here are some tips for making the right choice to complement your particular diamond:

  • When choosing an accent, you want it to be no bigger than 15% of the main stone, to allow the central diamond to shine.
  • 1-carat stones require accents which are less than 0.15 carats.
  • Opt for matching colours, clarity and similar shape so that the design blends well together.
  • Mismatched accents and big diamonds paired together are too distracting and will spoil its beauty.
  • Shapes can vary at times, they don’t always have to be exact matches and doing so could help to create something special and unique, it’s better to get professional advice on this though.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you find something that you love, even if it’s not a recommended choice, it’s your choice and if you love it, go for it!

Accent Diamonds rarely get the recognition they deserve, since they are small in carat size. However, they are extremely important and once paired alongside or around the main central diamond, help to accentuate and turn a diamond ring into a real showstopper.