7 Reasons to Buy Adidas Swift Run

Adidas is one of the best sportswear brands in the world, and they keep bringing us newer offerings which raise the bar higher every time. While they have expanded their product line into clothes as well, but sports footwear remains their signature staple. Athletes have come to depend on Adidas shoes for high quality footwear for whatever game they are playing, be it football, golf, tennis or just running. In the past, some of their offerings like Adidas Superstar or Adidas Superstar Kids have become bestsellers, and the tradition is set to be continued with Adidas Swift Run Prime knit. We went through a number of user reviews to understand whether Adidas Swift Run is a good investment. Let us look at why you should buy, or not buy this product.

5 Reasons to buy

  • Great Balance: The outsole of this shoe is the heaviest part, which works as a solid fulcrum for the feet as they pound the track. This allows the runner to maintain perfect balance and accelerate.
  • Breathable Upper: Adidas has broken new ground while creating the upper part of the Swift Run. It is made of very light synthetic fabric which soaks in the moisture and allows the feet to breathe easily.
  • Light Weight: The change in upper design detailed above has also drastically reduced the weight of the Adidas Swift Run. If you have a tendency of attracting injuries to your leg, this pair of shoes is perfect for you.
  • More Responsive: You get more bang for the buck with every step you take. The heavier outsole makes the Swift Run bouncier, ensuring that you need to extend lesser effort to get the same spring in your step.
  • Easy Comfort: Once you complete your run and take off your shoes, you do not feel like throwing a big weight off. The Swift Run is very comfortable to wear and you can go through hours of training using this shoe without feeling any discomfort.

2 Reasons not to buy

  • Inadequate Protection: Because of the new material on the upper part of the shoe, there might be some issues with regard to protection of your foot from bumps and falls.
  • Casual Design: Some runners have been put off by the somewhat casual look of this shoe which doesn’t look like a serious running shoe.

Bottom Line

If the unconventional design and the new material don’t affect your choice, we feel the Adidas Swift Run is a great buy.