5 Things to Do About Your Wedding During This Pandemic

We’ve been waiting for a while for good news about this pandemic. We are still waiting and hoping. If your wedding date is drawing nearer, you might find yourself having to make some serious decisions soon. Just remember to keep in mind that you are not alone. Take a moment to breathe and then see if the tips here can help you navigate this trying time.

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  • Where to Begin

Contact your vendors. The professionals usually have a contingency plan and they should be able to help. Contacting your vendors will also give you a view of how your wedding is going to be impacted overall. Try not to panic and remember that your vendors will be aiming to help you as much as possible. Review all of your contracts and then create a simple back up plan.

  • Create A Checklist That Addresses the Following

Will I need to reschedule my wedding date?

What will happen where my wedding venue is concerned?

How will this affect my family and my guests?

Does my insurance policy cover the postponement of my wedding?

  • What to Do About Your Rescheduling

Now that you know you have to reschedule, move very quickly. Remember that lots of couples will be and have been doing the same. You have to decide on a new date quickly, too, so that you can catch your dream venue and vendors still available. Also, remember to take out insurance for the new date.

  • How to Communicate with Your Guests

If you have a wedding website, place a note on it that lets your guests know what is going on. Put it up as soon as you’re sure your rescheduling. You don’t even have to know the new date you’ll be rescheduling to yet. Tell your guests that you are considering options at the moment and will let them know.

  • What to Do About Your Wedding Planning?

Keep planning. You don’t want to be caught unaware when it’s finally safe to hold weddings again, and there is a rush. Talk to your planner and vendors about your new plans and set up online strategy meetings. Order your attires and fashion online if you don’t already have them. Don’t forget to order and package your wedding favors too. We will all get through this soon, and it’ll be a brighter day.