5 Maharashtrian Bridal Jewellery Pieces Back in Trend for Indian Brides

If considering variations in jewellery design, Indian bridal jewellery pieces give a matchless competition. The different traditions and cultures followed in India contribute to this unrivalled variation. Nonetheless, when it comes to jewellery designs with symbolic cultural significance, Maharashtrian bridal jewellery stands apart.

While it has always been a favourite among brides, some of the jewellery pieces used in Maharashtrian traditional weddings have gained prominence. With the wedding season at its peak, let’s check out the designs that can add elegance to bridal make-up. You never know which ornament becomes the one to complete your bridal look while perfectly complementing your trousseau.

5 Marathi jewellery pieces for this wedding season:

  • The Marathi Nath

A bride’s obsession with the nath is undying. And, why not? It lends the charm to make her look unique and special. It is also among the most admired bridal jewellery pieces that women cheerfully take up to adorn.

The latest wedding season has, however, seen brides complimenting their wedding look with a Marathi style nath. Widely popular in Bollywood movies, these simply designed ornaments also blend in perfectly to give traditional bridal attire a fresh appeal.


  • Raani haar in Multiple layers

Usually, raani haar is made with two to three layers of neckpieces. Necklaces of this design have received appreciation among brides recently. These brilliantly designed ornaments signify royalty and are also easy to mix and match with other jewellery pieces.

It has, thus, become a unique piece of jewellery for making a statement among brides to be this season.

  • Jewellery in Temple design

A design famous among South Indian brides, especially those of Maharashtra, temple jewellery is made of pure gold. It is embedded with precious stones that are interspersed with golden beads.

A must-have among Maharashtrian brides, this design can be found in different jewellery pieces like jhumka, necklace, handcuffs, pendants, and many more. Its versatility for matching with varying designs of jewellery and bridal attires has brought it in vogue this wedding season. If you are planning your bridal makeup with temple jewellery as the statement pieces, match it with a south silk saree having brocade design for a sophisticated appeal.

  • Armbands or Bajuband

Bajuband has been one of the most underrated Maharashtrian bridal jewellery pieces since ages. Brides are ditching their core traditional jewellery pieces and recreating their looks with bajuband as the main attraction among all the ornaments they wear.

They can be made in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Worn around the arm, they can also be embellished with precious stones of different sizes and colours. The uniqueness of these jewellery pieces is that they can be matched with literally any type of bridal attire.

  • Waistband or Patka

You may have already seen waistbands or kamarband only being worn by models because with changing times, use of this traditional jewellery had reduced. However, designers have brought these statement pieces back in trend in this wedding season.

These ornate strips, long and slender in shape, will cover the waistline to give your bridal look a distinctive refinement.

So, choose from one of these Maharashtrian bridal jewellery pieces to add uniqueness to your look. You can also mix and match some of these to give your jewellery a Marathi touch.