Winter Clothing: Things to Watch Out for

Winter is complicated. That’s my view, and that’s where I stand. I find it difficult to move in the winter. With the bike, I slide more than I drive, trains do not drive in these “unpredictable weather conditions” anyway, and even when hiking, you can’t reasonably take a break without freezing.

Yes, I have to admit, this season annoys me a little bit. But of course, I still want to move outside. I still want to go hiking, rest and enjoy nature. That’s why I had to deal with choosing the right winter clothes, and I can always shop winter jacket online, for better or worse.

You should pay attention to these things when choosing your winter clothes: I’ve collected key things for you to help me choose and care for my winter clothes. Here we go.

Heat Starts at the Top

Your mother probably already taught you as a child; In cold weather, a cap is on the head. Even if you have more hair than me, you lose lots of heat and start to freeze. Make sure your ears are covered with the hat as well.

Winter Clothes Scarf

While the head is somehow logical, be careful that you don’t forget about other places that are uncovered. What about your neck, for example? You lose as much heat over this as over an uncovered head. That’s why you should always have a cloth or a scarf with you in the winter. Especially great are so-called buffs.

Protection for the Hands

What’s the first thing that gets cold with you when you’re out in the winter? Presumably the hands. Warming gloves are essential.

Especially when traveling with animals, make sure that they are good water repellent. Otherwise, only your lead rope must slip into the snow, you pet your dog or form a snowball and then you have wet and soon frosty hands.

Warm to the Very Bottom

If it’s not the hands that freeze you first, it’s your feet, right? Ensure they don’t get wet in winter. Waterproof your hiking boots before a longer tour and test on the days before, if they are really waterproof. Of course, warm wool socks also help against cold toes.

Still Cold

You are wearing two thick sweaters, a winter jacket, lined shoes, gloves, a cap and you are still cold. Why? Because you wear only a pair of hiking pants or even worse jeans on your legs.

Your legs don’t feel colder than the rest of your body. But to warm them up, your body needs energy, which then lacks again to keep your entire body warm.

Result: Everything is getting colder. Therefore, even if it is terribly uncool, wear long underpants!