Tricks to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro?

We will share with you some ideas as well as tricks to flawlessly use lipstick like a pro. These suggestions will likewise aid your lipstick to stay put and make you look beautiful with long lasting outcomes. We will show you the beauty regime that you need to comply with before applying lipstick to ensure that your lipstick lasts much longer.


  • Exfoliate your lips


It is very important to scrub your lips before using the lipstick, so eliminate any dead skin cells, and also, make your lips feel softer. Delicately comb your lips utilizing a wet toothbrush circularly and then rub them with a wet towel. Or you can make use of a residence made lip scrub utilizing one-part oil, preferably olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil, and the other part with sugar.


  • Moisturize your lips


After exfoliation, you need to hydrate your lips with some lip balm. Use the lip balm on both your top and bottom lip. The lip balm will soften your lips and make your lips smooth sufficient for the lipstick to be applied uniformly.


  • Use foundation to prime your lips


Priming your lips with the foundation will aid to highlight the all-natural shade of the lipstick. Or else a lot of times the initial color of the lipstick does not show up the very same once you apply it on your lips.


  • Apply lip lining


Select a lip liner that is a little bit darker than your lipstick if you are going to wear a bold color; otherwise, choose one that matches with your lipstick.


  • Choose your lipstick


When you choose a lipstick, constantly keep in mind that the lip shade needs to enhance your skin tone. If you are pale skinned choose a light pink or neutral color, and if you are dark skinned use bold shades.


  • Apply lipstick.


Start using the lipstick from the center of your lips. You can make use of the lipstick directly, or use a brush to use it. Starting from the center of your lips, move outward, completing all the gaps.