Tips on How to Get Cheap and Free Tickets

There are a lot of entertaining activities that people love and would not miss. These include sports, concerts, and movies. Budgeting them into our finances once in a while is not a bad idea especially if you’ve waited for so long to attend the event or to see the movie because they can be expensive at times.

Finding cheap entertainment can be quite tricky and sometimes, you need luck to be on your side. Since you can’t just wait around to find concert tickets without fees, you would need to know where to look. It’s all about being patient and having good timing.

Considering the time

This mostly applies to movie tickets as the prices vary throughout the day. Ticket prices for movies early in the afternoon are usually cheap but it can be quite inconvenient especially during weekdays. Another way is to sign up for advanced screenings which are usually free. All you need to do is to just show up at the required time.

Discounts and promotions

It’s usually cheaper to get your tickets before they become on demand. This is usually weeks before the actual date of the event and they offer about 20-30% off. This way, you can get your hands on a ticket in advance and for a good price. You can also participate in contests to win the tickets which usually involve answering questions about the events or the people involved. They may also involve you getting voted for and whoever garners the most votes win. You would need to share the post on your social media accounts, ask your friends to share them, and even ask for votes from your close friends and family members.

Buying second hand tickets

Getting second hand tickets would mean you have to wait out at the last minute and find people who are selling the tickets they had bought earlier or in advance. This is a risky move but it’s really a cheap trick. If you’re the type who can’t wait out or handle the pressure of being faced with the unknown, you can still get the tickets at a reasonable price if you go to the right place. This includes buying the ticket on your own at the event venue rather than ordering them online.