Ties Make You Look Smart and Fashionable

It is time you start looking for the discount ties. It is not easy for a man to handle ties. You must pay attention to the color and the pattern of the tie so that you do not end up looking like a Christmas lantern. It is a great idea to include a tie in your outfit. In the market, you find several tie varieties. You have the ties with the simple techniques, and you even have the stylish styles available. Wearing of the tie makes you look smart on the move. However, you should know the proper etiquette of wearing the tie appositely.

Size and Look of the Ties

There are things to consider when you are picking up the right tie pattern. Here are some ideas you should follow. The size of the tie really matters. The width of the tie should rightly match the collar area. The width of the tie should look similar to the lapel. If you are large, then you can wear a slim lapel. However, the suit should fit you appositely. If you are big, you should not wear the skinner ties. Men who are slim should wear the extra wide ties. This will well match with his personality and structure.

Choosing Best Tie for the Best Look

When buying the tie, you should also consider the fabric. This will match with the mood of the tie and the shirt. If you are wearing a chambray shirt, you should not put up with a skinny and silky tie. Yet you can opt for the silk knit tie. You must always follow the rule that the casual ties will always make you look smart when you are wearing both modern and casual outfits. One can even choose to wear the linen and the cotton ties. They can well match with the cotton shirts, especially during the summer season.

In winter you can choose to wear the cashmere and the wool knit ties. This will help you have a polished look. You can even wear the silk ties and the microfiber ties for special occasions and in any season. You can wear the black ties when you are attending court dates, weddings and funerals.