All the things you need to know about GenY ONE Watch

You can see smartwatches on almost everyone these days but most look quite bad. People who love to wear watches will know how its design affects us. But along with the design you will need several other factors that will help you out on a day to day basis. So people have been looking out for smartwatches which do give you a feel of luxury with all the added benefits. Now we can surely tell that GenY ONE has brought a Luxury Hybrid Smartwatch that will just blow your mind. The watch is full with added benefits that you often can’t get in normal smartwatches and the company is determined to provide the best watches to its customers.

About GenY ONE:

GenY ONE is a brand new Swiss watch company that has been recently launched in 2017 by Karl Kieser. They were frustrated with the cheap looking anaesthetic smartwatches available in the market so they wanted to build a smartwatch that is Swiss build and looks luxurious. They have hand-picked the technology from the best place in China and presented into their luxury creation. They are trying to make the watch available throughout the world. One of their motivations of building a watch was about the unhealthy lifestyle of today and the need to get back on the fitness track.

Benefits of the GenY ONE watch:

  • The company has entirely made themselves dedicated for making a device which is affordable as well as viable for its customers.
  • The design that you get in the watch is quintessential and top notch. It has a Swiss branding and design which is patented. The watch would give you a luxurious feeling whenever you adorn it. It has one of the best touchscreens available for smartwatches which responds immediately. Not only the screen but the entire watch is completely scratch resistant and has a protection of sapphire glass dome. You also get waterproofing of 3 ATM.
  • The clockwork is designed especially for the watch and it is the best. The smart module battery can last up to 5 days which is great.
  • Fitness is the most requirements so you get features like pedometer, heart rate monitor, Blood Pressure Gauge, Distance Meter, Calorie counter.

The watch will be beneficial in much broader aspect as it has immediate call and message notifications along with note reminder. It will be great for people who need a handy tool when they cannot access their smartphones.