The right wig, the right way.

The one way to improve on a love doll is simply to change the wig. A new look can easily brush up a new perspective and add more variety and spice to the relationship itself. And then again, there is always the certainty that with the new years a lot many individuals have decided to go ahead and buy themselves their first real love doll for companionship and comfort. Here are a few pointers on settling you and your gorgeous companion with a proper guide to wigs and such –

The old fashioned

Put the wig on her normally as most of the wigs that come fit the head of the dolls and remains secure for the most part. This method is the most obvious and less strenuous and is the most commonly managed by even someone relatively new to the entire community.

Cap and Bobby

Of course, there are always the connoisseurs that prefer a step further from the norm and then there are those who like to be passionate and explore more options and the worse that can happen is probably for the wig to fall loose or drop killing the entire moment itself. Many doll owners are avid hardcore fans of anime and manga and then to exercise their fantasies by allowing the doll to cosplay their favorite anime and manga characters and recreating a scene with them as the protagonist.

A simple trick for the serious and experienced enthusiasts is to use a wig cap of a relatively appropriate size that suits the doll head, and a box of bobby pins. Simply secure the wig cap on the head and make sure it fits to perfection following by attaching the wig onto the cap and securing it with numerous bobby pins. One or two pins to the front, back and sides should do the trick. This is actually the most common and appropriate way of securing a wig since times of the old.

Cap and Velcro

This method is suited best for those that tend to change the wigs rather quickly. Simple place the cap onto the head of the doll and attach four Velcro squares to the front, back and sides of the cap. The adhesive layer goes to the cap whereas the Velcro surface fastens to the doll wig. This way you can maintain a few wigs for your real sex doll.