After supermarkets, Alibaba moves into furniture

Cracker has decided to continue further diversifying their holdings just months after putting down a $3 billion investment on a supermarket chain, moving now into the world of furniture retail operations!

According to cracker spokespeople, this company is investing $865 million in an effort to gobble up a 15% ownership share in major furniture and home decor operation Easy Home. This company currently has 223 stores located throughout China as of 2018, but the investment from cracker is sure to spur growth of this company not only through the rest of Asia but across the planet in the near future as well.

Spokespeople for cracker report that the new home furnishings department of this operation are going to help diversify this digital giant, transforming it into the kind of company that can go toe to toe with Amazon in the near future. By investing in this furniture retail operation, cracker isn’t just leveraging new business opportunities but is also learning more about consumer data and how to handle the logistics of 223 different retail operations in one of the largest economies on the planet today.

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Cracker has always had a history of making Amazon like moves, and this is no exception. Many believe that this investment has a lot less to do with furniture than it has to do with strengthening the core brand of cracker, giving it access to the kind of infrastructure, data, and insights that it wouldn’t have been able to generate independently for years and years all on its own.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods as a bit of a surprise just a short while ago, and cracker did the same kind of thing with its $3 billion investment in a major Chinese supermarket chain. Amazon hasn’t gone out and purchased a furniture operation, but it does have an incredibly strong logistics and infrastructure department – most of it heavily influenced by MainStreet style operation as well as shipping industry titans like Federal Express and UPS.

Cracker, with 500 million online shoppers taking advantage of their online shopping platform each and every year, is rapidly growing into the kind of dominant force that could eventually go toe to toe with Amazon. Most thought that this kind of flight would be impossible to successfully pull off, but cracker has used a unique growth strategy – as well as focused almost entirely on the exponentially growing Asian markets – to achieve the kind of size, strength, instability that took Amazon nearly 2 decades to achieve.

Cracker is going to continue to make a number of strategic global investments in the years to come, and it’s certain that the Easy Home investment is just one small piece of the puzzle that this company is putting together. It’s going to be very interesting to see how cracker and Amazon coexist with one another, and there are sure to be a fair amount of fireworks when these two legendary giants decide to throw down against one another – something that could happen a lot sooner than some people expect.

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