Shopping in Rome: Popular Districts, Shops and Much More

Walking around the main city of Italy, filled with attractions, can be considerably tiring. Moreover, the best rest, as you know, is a change of activity. Italy, except for monuments of architecture and art of world significance, is famous for shopping! So, what you need to know about shopping in Rome? Especially, if you are a true shopaholic?

In the capital of Italy, you can find almost all luxury Italian brands, well known in the world, furs and leather things. In addition, Rome presents a large number of budget, but stylish Italian brands, which anyone can afford, even with an average income.


In Rome, as in all Europe, seasonal sales (January-February, July-August) in all stores, boutiques and outlet shops, when discounts on things make up 30-70%, are held twice a year. The size of discounts always depends on the popularity of the brand and the location of the store. Expensive boutiques often do not even announce sales and do not hang up “Sconti” posters in the windows, since the goods with discounts at once disperse to regular customers.

In which areas of Rome to make purchases?

Via del Corso. This street part becomes the starting point for shoppers. It stretches from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia. Shopping on this street and in its surroundings will be quite economical – in local stores, you can find things of a relatively low price category.

Via Nazionale. Another place where lovers of shopping flock like bees to honey. On both sides of the street, there are endless rows of branded stores, for example Benneton, Guess, Max Mara, Bata and others. By the way, if you are overweight, then definitely visit the specialized store for complete people – Elena Miro (Via Nazionale, 197A / B).

Via Cola De Rienzo. A distinctive feature of this street is the abundance of small boutiques and shops, in which jewelry, shoes and bags are sold.

Piazza Campo di Fiori. If you are a youth, then follow this area, as fashion shops for tourists in the format “up to 16 and older” are located there.

Piazza di Spagna. The most expensive Roman shops are located in this square and the nearby streets. Here you will find boutiques of Valentino, Armani, Gucci, Trussardi and other designer houses recognized all over the world.

Popular shopping centers in Rome

Galleria Alberto Sordi comprises shops and boutiques of the world famous brands, and little-known brands

Coin is a well-known network of shopping malls in Italy.

Shopping Malls’ Chain Center La Rinascente is a 4-level mall, with perfume and cosmetics shops, boutiques of famous fashion houses, democratic shops with clothes, accessories and household goods.

Oviesse has stores with high-quality clothing at affordable prices, cosmetics and perfumes.

Outlets in Rome

Italy is popular for tourists by the fact that here it is possible to buy a large number of brand luxury items of the past season with discounts of 30-70%. Such things are sold in outlets in the city and in the suburbs. Castel Romano Designer Outlet, Techer, Moda Stock and Antonella are the most popular amongst all.

Actually, to list all the famous shopping centers and shops in Rome makes no sense. Each of them is unique and diverse in its own way.

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