Shopping Autonomous: SmartDesk 2 Business or Home Edition

The office is changing so much and so fast that some professionals stay home during the work week. For workers looking to benefit from all that new technology has to offer in 2019, workers all around the world are moving into standing desks. For that reason, Autonomous has taken the time to deliver the best design of standing desk on the market. The SmartDesk 2 comes in three models, and features different colors and styles to fit any office decor. So, which model should shoppers buy from Autonomous: the SmartDesk 2 Business Edition, or the SmartDesk 2 Home Edition?

Home Edition

The SmartDesk 2 Home Edition is great for those who work out of a home office. It saves space thanks to a compact design that offers less material but gives up none of the great features of the SmartDesk 2 Business Edition. It’s cheaper as well, meaning that if the purchase has to come out of the individual worker’s pocket, it will not be too hard to buy. The features of the Home Edition look great too, thanks to the different design choices users have in the desk’s color and base.

Business Edition

The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is also a great way to get standing at work. In fact, this model is the prime option from Autonomous and features a 300 lb load capability. While the desk can hold that much weight, it effortlessly moves everything safely to ensure the perfect height for every user. With discounts for bulk purchases and a great array of designs and features, the SmartDesk 2 is at its best when in the Business Edition. Best of all, it does not cost nearly as much as other premium or executive designs on the market. In fact, the Business Edition is cheaper than all other competitors at the base models of the Uplift and Jarvis desks, meaning the best option is also the least expensive. is a game changer when it comes to ergonomic office furniture in the office space or at home. Coupled with great discounts for bulk orders and assembly solutions for every purchase, Autonomous knows what a customer needs. A standing desk is just a click away when shopping Autonomous.