How to Select the Perfect Dog Collar for Your Dog

Pick the Right Collar for Your Pet!

Whether you have a new pooch or are shopping for your beloved pet, it’s important to think about collars for their safety and comfort. Collars are necessary to identify your dog and are required at most parks where you and Rover go for a walk. We’ve put together a guide to picking out the right dog collar for your fuzzy friend.

 Four Tips for Choosing a Dog Collar

1. Pick one that adjusts to their size

Tiny chihuahuas require a smaller collar than a Great Dane. Luckily, most collars are adjustable with buckles and notches you can change even when your dog is growing bigger. Even though you’ll need to replace your collar within your dog’s lifespan, it’s important to invest in a sturdy collar that won’t irritate your dog or fall of when they’re outside.

2. Find a collar to match their personality

Fancy dog collars are perfect for the spoiled pup. Look for classic designs such as plaid or eye-catching accessories including bows and buckles. Laminated collars are waterproof while leather designs will be a hit at the dog park.

3. Look to a custom collar

An active dog may run and wiggle enough to lose their collar. By choosing a custom collar, there’s a chance you can get your belongings back. Another advantage of a custom collar is locating your dog if they run off and tracing it back to where they were before.

4. To charm or not to charm?

Dog collars frequently feature a charm with identifying details in case they get lost. These can be required by law in some states when you take Fido out for a walk. However, it’s important to make sure the charm is secured with a collar that features a sturdy ring or hook to latch onto. If your dog has bad luck with losing his tag, choose a custom collar instead.

Find the Best Collar for You!

Your dog deserves the best life even if it means wearing a collar for laws and safety. When you need to pick an accessory for your pet, a collar is better than a fashion statement. Look to the right sizes and colors to match the seasons and the scheme of your life. Try your dog’s collar on at the store and see if it’s the right fit. All that matters is their comfort and your satisfaction.

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