All you need to know about Rolled Fondant – A GenX Cake Icing!

An icing plays a vital role to add the tempting looks to any cake. If you think online cake delivery in Chandigarh is most dominant with the buttercream icing, it’s time to update your knowledge! Rolled Fondant is the new trends in the cake industry which deliver proper texture to cover the most complicated cake designs at a blink-of-an-eye.

Fondant is a basic sticky sweet dough which is rolled out to cover the cakes, craft sculptures and other accessories to beautify your cake magnificently. Here are the different types of fondants available in the market to add a gracious look to your cake:

Standard Fondant

Craft using simple ingredients like gelatin, flavourings, confectioner’s sugar and colour, these icings can be chosen depending upon the choice of your flavour. Varied flavours such as buttercream, vanilla, chocolate etc. are some of the options which can be considered. While choosing such fondant, it is also essential to find the colour to match with the flavour of the cake.

Similarly, it is also essential to assess whether the fondant is apt for a particular type of a cake or not. Say, red velvet cake online, if topped up with a slice of cream cheese or buttercream will turn out more appetising than a fondant covering. Although there is no specific rule to this and any flavoured cake can be put under a rolled fondant to accentuate its looks.

Red Velvet Cake Online by Way2flowers
Online Red Velvet Cake


An expensive fondant icing over the standard one, this specific fondant is available in soothing shades of ivory and white. You can just add the food colour to change the colour of the fondant to form multiple colours. Intermingled with the texture and flavour of a marshmallow, it generally reflects a dual character of candy clay and fondant.

White chocolate, creamier or other chocolate flavours are predominantly available under FondX. It is relatively expensive than the standard fondant and can be rolled out thinner than that. As it required lesser compared to a usual fondant (which cannot be rolled out very thin), the high price can be easily offset.

It is essential to cover the cakes with freshly made fondant to avoid any drying issue which turns them hard and difficult to chew. Fondant is generally used for the intricately designed cakes and must be used close to the time when the cake is expected to eat. It is essential to use a buttercream beneath the fondant layer to keep your cake soft and moist.

The ideal layer of fondant adds grace to the cake and makes it delectable. A thick layer will uplift the weight of the cake unnecessarily and also affect it taste-wise. However, a thin layer can lead to visible cracks and other flaws.

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