All That You Need to Know About Fornasetti Candles

Candles are fast becoming popular with the sales of scented candles going up every year. The sales are up all across the globe, but last year, the UK has emerged as the biggest market for scented candles in Europe.

The trend is picking up because people, besides loving beautiful clothes, are also finding solace in the beautiful smell of the interiors. These candles provide a sensory treat to them and that’s the reason why sensitive and creative people have an array of flickering premium scented candles in their homes.

The market for these candles actually picked up in the last five years and in this small span, these candles have become a must-have for many homes. The rich and wealthy don’t just go for any scented candle. They look for a class in it too and that’s where Fornasetti candles fit in perfectly.

Fornasetti Candle: A Piece of Artwork

Fornasetti candles, when lighted, speak of the class of the owner. These are no ordinary candles and each piece comes in a ceramic vessel. This vessel features artwork by the famous Italian painter, engraver, sculptor and interior decorator PieroFornasetti. Spending most of his time in Milan, his paintings meld the Renaissance motifs and portraits with a hint of post-modern kitsch.

Scents That Are a Treat to the Senses

Fornasetti candles have this artwork on the vessel they are in.The scents used in these are mixed carefully and with precision under the supervision of Emmanuel Phillip, the master perfumer. The Fornasetti family’s Milanese home has a big area with a number of flowers in it and Phillip often uses the scents getting inspired by these flowers. The perfect combination of the carefully mixed scents and the artwork depicted makes these candles the most sought-after by the rich and the famous of the world.

These stunning candles are definitely costly but worth every penny. It is nearly S$1,000 for 200 hours of burn time and then what you experience is awesome. The lovely fragrance that spreads around is nothing short of the sensory treat to those in the room.

If you are hesitant to spend that much but still want to get the feel of it or want to experience before spending the hefty amount, then there is a smaller version of the same also available.

So, experience this work of art and treat your senses.