What is Moissanite and Should You Consider It Instead Of Diamond?

We all know that the popularity of diamonds is impressive today, but the expensive price tag is something that will not allow everyone to have it.

On the other hand, moissanites have been getting lots of popularity lately, and the number of young couples that choose it instead of diamonds is increasing rapidly.

Apart from the idea that its popularity is rising, people are still asking what is moissanite. Today, we decided to present you everything you should know about it before you make up your mind.

Where Does Moissanite Come From?

Everything started back in 1893 when Henri Moissan found a meteor crater in Arizona, and that is when this particular stone got its name. Initially, he mistook it for diamonds, but later he found out and realized that it is a specific rock, which is entirely different.

The natural moissanite is extremely rare, and that is the main reason why most choices on the market are artificially created.

Naturally occurring can be found mostly in meteorites and mantle rocks. This particular connection from outer space is the main reason for its mysticism and why people consider it instead of diamonds.

What is Moissanite made of?

It is vital to understand that the main component of moissanite is silicon carbide, which features strong covalent bonding that holds the crystalline structure together.

By these criteria, it is similar to diamonds, and that is the main reason why moissanite is very thick, and it can withstand harsh temperatures and pressure.

Most people think that moissanite is some form of diamond, but you should have in mind that even though it resembles, it is not a diamond even though it looks like it, they are different in numerous aspects starting from chemical structure.

Is Moissanite Fake and Tacky?

Most people believe that this particular gemstone is a fake form of diamond, similarly as some rubies are fake as well, however, that is not the case, because it is a unique stone that resembles diamond due to its structure.

However, you should have in mind that the idea is not to imitate diamond, but to provide you a unique gemstone that will have an affordable price tag for young and old couples. Since it features high-quality characteristics, it will offer you a combination of sophistication and classiness.


If we compare it with other gemstones on the earth, it is one of the hardest ones on the planet, the second one to diamonds when it comes to durability. However, it is much thicker than other stones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, which make it a perfect choice for daily wearing.

You should also have in mind that it can withstand harsh conditions and it is resistant to breaking and scratching which makes it convenient and appropriate for young couples. You should check this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemstone to learn more on gemstones.

Moissanite Jewelry

Since it features similar appearance as diamonds, it is an ideal choice for various styles and types of jewelry. It does not matter if you wish to create a minimalistic piece or find something that will appeal to others while you are walking because it will suit all your preferences and needs.

Since it features intense sparkle, it is one of the most beautiful gemstones that you can wear if you wish to add glamour into your style. You can find studs that resemble diamonds, and the best thing is that you can see it for much lower price tag than diamonds.

They will offer you an elegant look, so you can choose earring, rings, and many more accessories that will help you look more beautiful than without them.

  • Classic Moissanite Studs – You should have in mind that moissanite studs are a great option if you wish to enjoy the fantastic and classy outfit. They are not cheap when it comes to aesthetical appeal, and you will experience in a combination of modern and elegant look wherever you are
  • Moissanite Engagement Rings – Even though moissanite are great when it comes to different types of jewelry, they are highly popular as the center stones for engagement rings as well especially among young couples. Due to its beautiful, ethical, affordable and durable characteristics, they can be both traditional and non-traditional and can fit any style.