Memorable Brussels: Things to Buy & Bring Home

Brussels, after receiving the status of the capital of the European Union, has become even more international, multicultural and commercial city. According to official data, there are 139 trade districts in the city, which turns Brussels into a place where you want to spend your savings. While traveling, everyone wishes for a long time to save bright impressions and unforgettable emotions about the country.

What to bring from Brussels as a gift or just for memory?

This question arises almost every tourist.

Chocolate is the most popular souvenir that can be brought from this city. Along with Swiss chocolate, it is one of the best in the world thanks to a careful attitude to its production and traditions. The most demanded and delicious are praline and truffles. You can buy chocolate in a variety of souvenir shops in the Grand Place, as well as other tourist areas. The most famous Belgian chocolate brands are Leonidas, Neuhaus, Godiva and Pierre Marcolini.

Another typical Brussels souvenir is the Flemish lace. Be sure to bring with you exclusive gifts of lace, for example, clothes, scarves, tablecloths, towels or small lace products framed.

Perfume from Guy Delforge. It’s a perfume shop and a workshop. In this unusual North-European center of perfume creation, each visitor can observe different phases of perfume creation.

What to buy in Brussels as a souvenir? In Brussels shops, you can find a lot of interesting and funny things. For example, a statuette of a pissing boy, which is a miniature copy of the Manneken Pis monument. In addition, there are various openers, lighters and other useful items in the form of symbols of Brussels and Belgium. Another popular Belgian souvenir is the fondue, where the Belgians prepare a cheese or chocolate.

Memorable Brussels

In Belgium, there are more than 300 kinds of beer. Therefore, when leaving Brussels, be sure to buy a couple of bottles of excellent Belgian beer for your friends. Along with this drink in Brussels, French wine is also very popular.

Pay attention to the vintage souvenirs, which can be found on the flea market of the Plaza del Gran Sablon on weekends. Here you can buy books, paintings, old pipes, cigarette cases, watches, wooden and porcelain toys.

Where to buy?

As for individual shopping areas, it is possible to distinguish two main shopping places in Brussels – Rue Neuve, a pedestrian promenade in the northern part of the city center, where not very expensive middle class shops are located, the Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo, the concentration of expensive boutiques of the most famous luxury-brands. For example, if there are large stores of famous H&M, Zara, Esprit, Mango, Benetton firms on Neuve Street, then Louise Avenue and Boulevard Waterloo meet mostly boutiques of the higher rank: Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Cartier, Burberry, Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior and many other brands. On Neuve Street, one should pay special attention to one of the oldest Belgian department stores Inno and a huge shopping center City2.

Speaking about the iconic department stores of the city, you cannot ignore the Royal Galleries of St. Hubert, an old department store in the heart of Brussels.

Among the local markets, the most famous and unusual are the “flea market” on the Place de la Belle, an antique market in the Grand Sablon Square, a grocery market near the South Station and the art market In Uccle.

In search of memorable goods, you need to choose some transport. In this way car rental in Brussels is the best variant.

We hope that you will return home with a lot of unforgettable impressions and lovely things.