Magnetic bracelets – Concept and utility

Magnet therapy is in the news lately because it claims to cure various problems like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis etc without having the need to resort to drugs. At the same time there is no need for any invasive surgery as well. It is considered to be an alternate form of treatment as you use magnetic bracelets. Should one go for it? This should be the question on the minds of people all over the world.

One can definitely give it a try because of the minimal side effects. Research is still on whether the therapy is effective in a large scale or not. Let us look at this therapy in brief and see how it works. We shall also look at the side effects.

Static magnet therapy:

In this category of magnetic therapy, you place stationary magnets, either in the form of embedding inside bracelets or necklaces. You would be wearing these bracelets on your wrists with the magnets coming in contact with the skin. This type of magnetic therapy works by creating a positive energy field to neutralize the negative field caused by inflammation and joint pains.

You will be wearing the magnets on your wrist. How will it take care of pain in other parts of the body? This question might come to the minds of people. This is a valid question. This positive field spreads to other parts of the body and helps in relaxing the soft tissues that surround the joints. Hence, you get relief from the pain.

The magnets are not powerful ones. They exert small electromagnetic fields with the sole aim of providing relief. You should not expect the results to come overnight. This therapy is at best a supportive one to the medicines you take and the exercises you do.

People believe that these magnets attract the iron in the blood. It is not absolutely true. The iron present in the blood is not ferromagnetic in nature. However, it is true that the electromagnetic fields generated by these small magnets do help in improving the speed of blood circulation. When you have blood moving faster in your arteries and veins, it becomes more oxygenated. This ends up helping in eliminating the toxins. This antioxidant property of magnet therapy is the highlight of this form of treatment.

The positive field generated by these magnets help in relieving the stress. Remember that stress is a psychological disorder. When you start thinking positively, it rubs on to your confidence levels. Automatically, you develop a positive attitude thereby relieving all kinds of stress from your lives.

You have different types of magnetic bracelets of which the titanium magnetic bracelets double up as exquisite pieces of jewellery in addition to being of therapeutic value.

Traditional magnet therapy:

This therapy involves you to visit the therapist who proceeds to place larger sized magnets at vantage points on your body. The principle behind the working is the same as you see in static magnetic therapy.

This is in short the concept behind the use of magnet therapy followed by civilizations for centuries before the birth of modern medicine.