Kilts for Men Aren’t Just for the Runway Anymore

Men’s kilts had a major moment when Kanye West debuted that oh-so-famous Givenchy leather kilt. Like a lot of moments in pop culture, anyone would’ve guessed it was probably another celebrity endorsement, right? But the hype didn’t stop there. What was once a garment deemed controversial for a rap star is now popping up in men’s streetwear stores.

The newer utility kilts out today aren’t exactly what you’d see a longhaired Mel Gibson wearing in Braveheart. To really appreciate this kilt “evolution”, you need to do a little backtracking to where kilts for men came from.

Unlike the trendier USA kilts, the traditional Scottish kilt is steeped in Gaelic history. It’s customarily worn for formal events or special occasions, such as weddings or the Highland Games. The traditional dress includes accessories, like sporrans – a pouch that hangs low around the waist. They have no pockets. Hence, the sporran. They’re usually designed in tartan-patterned fabric that’s so precise down to the thread count, symbolizing an ancestral emblem or clan.

Now fast forward into the 21st century, and say hello to utility kilts. High-end designers are transforming them into more practical apparel for the everyman. Albeit, this said everyman is an incredibly stylish one. Most of these designer mens kilts include cargo pockets for functional purposes – no sporran needed.

On top of being fully functional for your morning commute; designers are gravitating towards more contemporary materials and trendier colors. From Moschino to Rick Owens, male models are filing down the runway in plaid, denim and leather kilts. Fashion Week is studded with designer kilts for men layered with high tops and graphic hoodies. It’s a mash-up of tradition and style that so many designers love for the shock value.

As much as some men would give an arm and a leg for an original Moschino piece, these ready-to-wear pieces aren’t affordable for the general public. This is one of the many reasons why we can appreciate fast fashion clothes for men. While it hasn’t gone completely mainstream yet, there are actually a handful of menswear stores carrying utility kilts for men.

Differio is one menswear store offering modern kilts for sale now, right beside joggers and hoodies. They sell mens clothing online catered for all types of fashion-loving men. From trendy workwear to sexy clothes for men, there’s a huge variety of styles to choose from, including these notorious “skirts for men”.

What makes them so different from other utility kilt sellers is they’re the first to release more fashion-forward styles. You’ll still find the typical plaid kilt, but they also have casual kilts for men in denim, leather and camo. Plus, you can cop some of their style from their models if you’re clueless how to wear it.

More importantly, it’s not just fashion editors and style influencers at Fashion Week where you’ll catch haute men in skirts. Now that more affordable styles are available, they’re gradually filtering into casual and urban clothing for men.

Men are pairing these masculine pleated skirts with men’s trendy clothing, from leather jackets to combat boots. The options are endless. If anything, it’s safe to say men have only begun rocking their kilt swag.