Keys to Choosing Jewelry That Compliments You

If you have to make a gift and you are thinking that a jewel can be a good option, you have already taken a successful step. Below you will find a few tips that you must keep in mind in order to carry this off successfully. Remember that personal style is what makes each one unique, also you can get lovely designs at LYR Design.

Allergic To Metals? 

If you are going to give a jewel, keep in mind if that person is allergic to metals. If so, it will be to cheaper metals usually. There is rarely anyone who is allegic to gold. But it is still a good idea to find out if the person has any particular allergies before you start shopping for jewelry for the person.

With What Stone Or Fossil Is It Made?

Believe in it or not, precious stones, semi-precious and fossil, have properties known and used since ancient times for hundreds of cures. Choose one with which you can convey a specific message and will be able to convey a special meaning..

What Is Your Favorite Color? 

Another option is to choose the jewel based on the favorite color of the person that you are giving it to. This option usually always works. It will show how thoughtful you are and how special the person is to you.

What Meaning Do You Want It To Have? 

Be clear that, depending on the jewel you choose the person you are giving it to will leave it for special occasions. Either option has a positive side; just decide if you prefer your gift to be like a pair of jeans or a party dress.

Is It A Ring? 

If the answer is affirmative, it is essential that you know the size. If the ring is small, it is difficult to fix and if it is too big, it cannot always be cut down to size, unlike what many people think. If you have embedded stones, they can be damaged while the modifications are being made.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

If by chance the jewel you choose has the most desired gem, choose it taking into account the 4 C’s: size, color, purity, and weight (cut, clarity, color, carat). That one diamond is bigger than another (more carats) does not necessarily mean that it is more expensive. The reality is that a small diamond can be purer than one with more carats and therefore, more expensive.