iHerb has Excellent Customer Services and Support for Any Ordering Problems

Each day iHerb has various and new products with prices on their specials page. Be sure to check this page every time you are visiting the iHerb website. If this is your first visit there is information on how to get your first-time discount as well as a page that has discount codes for every country so be sure to check these codes before you take your cart to the checkout line.

Discount codes Singapore and Thailand

Here are two discount codes for iHerb use right now. Use this iHerb SG code online if you are shopping from Singapore. Another code is for online iHerb Thai code if you are shopping from Thailand.

Worry about credit info

If you are worried about your credit card information, no need to waste time doing that as iHerb has ‘enhanced 256-bit encryption’ together with tokenization. Tokenization means that they just store the last 4 digits and expiration date for the credit card you use, so you are able ID the card you use.

Customer service

Another way that iHerb can offer prices that are so low are by having the entire order process automated. Customer service personal do not handle orders, they do have customer support live from their California facility – 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. They are also able to be reached 24 hours per day, everyday in the week, by chat as well as email for answering any questions or resolve any problems with your order.

Now, no one is perfect. They at times are quite busy so they only ask for just a little patience. They will do their best to take care of things as promptly, efficiently as well as courteously as possible. This is what their customers deserve and what they get.

These are just a few reasons that this natural foods and supplement website is so popular.