High Street Shopping Vs. Internet Shopping Which Is Preferable For Cheryl Glavor

Shopping is very personal. What one may like, the other’s choice may vary totally differently. It totally depends on people’s preference and choice as well as availability and affordability. Some people may find online shopping easy where others would like to go to shop by themselves.

24 X 7 availability

The one great thing about the online shopping is that it is available 24×7. You can browse through the internet whenever and wherever you want to. Even if you’re at home or at office or anywhere which allows you to have a good internet connection, you can browse the internet shopping websites and shop from there. Where the offline stores are closed at a particular time, the online has no time stamp. There is no rule over the fact that you can place order at middle of the night as well. The automatic system of the website of that particular company will receive the order.

But in high street fashion, there is limitation. You can only shop when the store is open.

Availability of items

You have lots of options online. In internet the big retailers gather lots of different companies through whom they directly take the items and sell it to the customers. For example, amazon connects the sellers and the buyers directly and the customer gets the product through amazon. Retailers like Amazon or Walmart have the ability to gather lots of different companies into one place. So people find a lot of options to look for.

On the other hand, in stores there are limited options for items. Sometimes some stores don’t even have proper required collection. In stores you have to go by a vehicle and search for it. If you don’t get it there then you have to look for it in different stores. So you cannot get it in one place. You have roam around different places in search for your desired products.

But one good thing about high street shopping is you get to wear it to check the sizes and how is it looking on you before buying. This facility is not available online. You are totally blinded about the measurements when you’re buying online and it may get disrupted sometimes. In case of makeup products which are non-refundable, this is actual problem. Cheryl Glavor likes online shopping because it is easy but at the same time she loves to go for high street shopping.

Cost effectiveness

In internet shopping there are lots of offers going on. During these offers you can get your desired items in a good price, where in stores you have to pay the full price.

But sometimes this can go wrong as online products can mess up in order to measurements and looks.


When you’re shopping from a store you know what you’re picking. You can give it a try before buying, check how it actually fits you or look on you. So you know that the product is original and you’re paying good price for it. But online you’re doubtful about the originality of the product as you’re only seeing the picture on the screen. So, one can be a bit sceptical before buying online.