Gym Bags for Laptop Nomads

In our hectic modern lives there are a lot of demands on our time, what with work, deadlines, daily life…and of course staying fit and healthy. So what better way to stay organized and on top of all your work and fitness commitments then purchasing an ambidextrous gym bag with a laptop compartment?

A multi-purpose gym bag is a perfect tool for housing all your work and gym items. Designed with two primary functions in mind, a gym bag with a laptop housing, of course, does the obvious; it allows room for a change of clothing for the gym and also has plenty of room for your electronic devices and perhaps some paperwork two. But putting the apparent aside, what should you look for when purchasing a laptop gym bag?

The first feature when selecting any bag should be comfort. Look for a bag with adjustable straps, preferably padded so that the bulk of all your equipment doesn’t cause discomfort and will disperse the weight evenly.

Ensure that the bag is of a study, reliable material so that it can withstand the test of time and the abuse of a heavy load. Where possible it is advisable to find a material that is water-proof if you walk to the gym or to work, to ensure that your electronics do not get wet. It is also a good idea to find a lined bag that prevents leakages from water-bottles from dampening your valuables also.

An important feature is, of course, the laptop compartment. Depending on how often you will need to reach for your computer will depend on whether you will wish to have a padded internal sleeve or separate access to your device via an exterior pocket. However you decide to store your device, ensure that you measure the compartment correctly as a lot of laptop bags will only cater to smaller screen sizes, such as 15”. If you have a larger device, such as a gaming laptop, then you will need to make sure your pocket is at least 17”, but be careful also to not purchase one that is too big either. You will want the device to fit snugly so that it is well protected.

And of course, remember to think about what else you need to take with you when purchasing your gym bag. What type of athletics or workouts will you need to do? If you have spin class one day but do cross training and go swimming another day, then take into account the bulk of your workout wear. Unlike the laptop pocket, a little bit of room to grow is not a bad idea, but don’t make the bag so large that it’s a burden to carry.

Consider a bag with segregated clothing space, to avoid mixing dirty clothes with clean or paperwork. Ventilationin the design will prevent bag odors from lingering, and separate storage for office and gym items will forfeit any embarrassment when getting your laptop out at your next meeting.