Should guys wear a leather jacket or cotton jackets?

With the approaching winters, it becomes quite imperative for men to wear jackets of all sorts. Jackets for men come in various kinds of fabric material and styles. Out of the various fabrics, cotton and leather are the most sought after by the men all over India. You can explore a wide range of jackets for men online on the websites like,,, etc. Here you’ll find an exclusive collection of the jackets for men.

Through this blog, we will discuss what kind of jackets men should wear – leather or cotton?

Let’s start by talking about the benefits of the cotton jackets for men.

Humans have been wearing cotton clothing since ages. It is made from natural fibre and is loved by all. If you look at the stone grey melange cotton jacket in the section of jackets for men you will find that it is very soft and comfortable to wear. Similarly, the navy blue raglan cotton jacket looks so natural and you’ll feel like wearing it throughout the whole day. The best part about these cotton jackets for men is that they are non-allergic even to those who have a sensitive skin.

Also, the cotton jackets for men are made from the natural cotton fibre and thus they have breathability. Yes, so even if you buy a jet black coloured cotton jacket you can be assured that you won’t feel suffocated when it is not too cold. You can even wear the cotton jackets for men while you are exercising in the gym or jogging in the park. The breathability of the cotton material ensures that there is no growth of yeast or bacteria due to continuous sweating.

If you wish to buy a jacket which can be worn in mild summer and winters without much hassle them also cotton jackets for men will be a perfect choice for you. You can use the sports jackets for this purpose and utilize their property of insulation. Cotton fabric does not conduct heat and thus these jackets for men will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

Although, cotton jackets for men have many benefits they do have some cons. Being a soft fabric it is more prone to damage and shrinkage. Also, it is a natural fibre so there may be chances of discolouration of the cotton jackets for men over time.

Leather jackets for men are also in vogue these days. But they do not offer that comfort as provided by the cotton jackets. Cotton jackets for men are also quite strong and versatile. It is also easy to dye the cotton fabric as compared to the leather. Easy to wash these jackets for men are quite popular among the masses. There is nothing better than cotton jackets when it comes to comfort.

Cotton jackets are also available in a variety of textures as it can be easily blended with other materials. If you too are thinking of buying a jacket soon then choose the cotton jackets for men. They will easily fir in your budget too.

When it comes to choosing between leather and cotton jackets for men, it is advisable that you weigh your preferences. If you are ready to compromise the comfort for a fashionable look, then go for a leather one else cotton jackets for men are always a better choice if you need to wear it very often.