Gift Ideas for the Geeky girlfriend

Having a geeky girlfriend is great, isn’t it?

One, you have someone whom you can share all your interests with, ranging from Star Wars to Mario Kart, Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings (whatever floats your boat) and basically any fandom that you’re part of and obsess over.

Two, you don’t have to filter the crazy fanboy part of yourself in front of her, unlike with the rest of the world.

Three, you’ll always have the latest geeky books, movies or shows to talk about!

And four, smart will always be sexy.

Contrary to popular belief, though, looking for Unique Gifts for your own Wonder Woman isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for Unique Gifts online or running from store to store in search of that one present you know your geeky woman would absolutely go gaga over, things can get a little tough.

After all, finding unique gifts for women isn’t exactly a piece of cake. With the plethora of batman tee shirts and “I am Sherlocked” apparel available, you’d want to get her something that truly stands out, wouldn’t you? Well, amidst all the unique stuff online in India, here are some amazing products that will leave your lover smiling wide!

If she’s a bigtime Superhero fan, you could get her as well as yourself an Iron Man or Hulk Mug! Just the perfect mugs to have coffee in while discussing possible theories about the next Marvel Movie. Superhero Fans can be stationery nuts too! Why not feed her love for cool stationery AND superheroes with a Hulk Notepad? Talk about the perfect present. Of course, if she’s more of a fan of all thinks somber, a Joker Notepad should make her happier. A really cute gift could also be a set of Superhero Cartoon Socks to keep her cozy and warm, while you binge watch the next season of Game of Thrones!

Talking of GOT…a vintage poster map of the seven kingdoms will leave her staring in awe. Along with you. It is the perfect accessory to have put up on the wall and really helps to keep track of what’s going on and where in the show!

And not to forget, can we really talk about geekiness and not mention Star Wars? You need to take a lot at the coolest Star War Mugs in town- one from the Dark Side, and one, a Storm Trooper! It’s up to you both whether you’d like to use it for tea, coffee, or maybe just a really cool Tabletop Figurine to keep your pens in.

Good Luck choosing the perfect Unique Gift for your girlfriend!