Features of cheese strains

There are lots of changes happening in the marijuana industry over the last few years. New seeds have been introduced, growing methods have been simplified and strains have taken over from plants. Why do marijuana users prefer strains than the plants? This is because strains contain the exact sense of the marijuana plants in its full form. They are replete with trichomes that are rich in resins.  When you smoke or consume strains in any form, you can get the full medicinal or recreational value of the cannabis, because there are no unwanted plants or buds in it. There are different strains to give you different marijuana experiences. They can be identified with their unique appearance, smell, potency, dominant features, and purpose. Here, we are going to see some features about the cheese strains and why they are called so.

What are cheese cannabis strains?

As the name suggests, these strains give out a unique cheddar-cheese aroma that is very strong. This sour-cheese smell that it gives out, is so intense, that these strains are known as the “stinky socks” of all strains. It has been created as a hybrid strain by mixing the strains of the Skunk and Kush. The buds of these strains are very compact and it has a tetrahydrocannabinol level of 18%, which is quite high indeed. Smoking or consuming these strains in doses that are more than the allowed limits can create severe mood elevations in you and make you forget whatever you said sometime before. It is a indica-dominated strain that contains more than the reasonable levels of THC, as a result of which, it gives you instant high-headedness and a stoney-feeling all at once.

Growing parameters

Cheese cannabis strains are a pleasure for weed-growers because they are high-yield strains. In about 10 square feet, you can get a yield of around 18 ounces of high-quality buds. The average height of the cheese plants are 40 to 60 inches. These plants tend to grow in a very bushy manner; therefore, you should grow them only when you have a large growing space at your place.

Smokers – kindly note

There are lots of cannabis seeds that form part of the mixes and collections category. These cheese cannabis strains are one of them. They are a hybrid variety and have extremely mood-elevating properties. Due to their pungent aroma and flavour, it may cause slight discomfort for you, when you try smoking these strains during the first time. You can get a sudden bout of incessant cough, dryness of mouth, itchy eyes and a throbbing headache when you smoke these strains for the first time.

Medicinal uses

Since cheese cannabis stains have a high level of THC, they give you instant euphoria and make you forget all your worries. For these precise reasons, they are used in small dosages to reduce pain and depression in patients. People suffering from chronic nervous problems, mental and physical stress, mood imbalances, lack of hunger due to medical treatment and anxiety issues are recommended small doses of cheese strains, by medical experts in some places, where the use of these strains is legalised.