Essential Leather Wear For Men And Women

Humans have been wearing leather since, forever. Primitive humans hunted animals for their meat and then used their hides to make tents, clothing and footwear. Leather is probably the oldest fabric known to man and one that is sure to never go out of fashion. Wall paintings show that leather was used to make footwear and clothing but it is the ancient Greeks who developed tanning methods that enabled them to preserve the leather, the Greeks formulated tanning formulas from tree bark and leaves. Leather has been used to make saddles since Roman times, it has been widely used for seating since the middle ages and the quality of a modern car can often be judged by whether or not it has leather upholstery.

Leather is as fashionable today as it was in the stone age, in this post we are going to look at some of the different types of clothing that can be made from leather.

Leather Dress

A leather dress is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest and most durable garments that a woman can wear. It is a great investment for your wardrobe and your wallet. For a striking yet unusually glamorous look, try a pair of ankle boots with silver rivets. Another fashionable idea is to wear the taller boots with eyelets and laces. Couple your boots with a great hosiery style using colour, or go natural with some bulky socks. Add some bulky funky pieces of jewellery.

Want to go dressy? This is the dress for doing ‘dressy!’ Get out your higher heels, wedges, or open toes and be the one everyone will talk about. Strappy ankle strap sandals would look trendy too. Wear the same colour shoes as your dress or try contrasting colours with a scarf to complement. Black silk stockings would make your legs and feet look awesome.

For this outfit, accessorizing will be fun, since you have so many options. You can be dressy for a night out by wearing your dressy high heels adding layers of chains, beads, or even a single long rope of pearls. Earrings can be a necklace offset by choosing long and dangly or short and maybe even hoops—large ones. Try silver with black, including silver and turquoise. Stunning!
A purse could be the same material as your shoes—leather or cloth would both work well. Suede works well too. Opt for a purse with a chain strap in the same tone as a necklace. On the other hand, try a fabric that has some glitz or designs. A silky scarf can be included for cool nights and a few bracelets will look stylish too.

A belt might look wonderful dropping below the waist or at the waist. You be the judge for making your fashion statement with this opulent wardrobe asset. You will steal the show and all eyes will be on you when you step out in this kind of dress.

Leather Belts

A belt does more than hold your trousers up, it is a fashion statement. A good belt is an essential accessory to any outfit, because of its durability, flexibility and look leather is usually the fabric of choice for holding up trousers and accessorizing our outfits.


A good wallet is another essential fashion item, a man’s wallet can say much about him. Wallets, like any other item of clothing, can come in a range of materials but leather is always the most popular. With an unusual type of leather such as a genuine crocodile wallet, you will really be showing your sense of style to the world.

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