Dress Good, Feel Good: How Dressing Up Can Uplift Your Mood

Dressing well is one of the best tactics to use when you are simply not feeling your best. It has the ability to spark up your confidence as well as earn other people’s approval. Although it is not always considered healthy to seek out other people’s opinion when it comes to personal style, there’s something comforting or reassuring about being complimented by others.

Apart from those, there are other powerful ways making an effort to look nice can make you feel good about yourself, and five of them are discussed below:

1. The right clothes remind you of what’s great about your body.

Fashion stylists and influencers agree that correctly chosen pieces can make you feel so much better about the body you have. They can take your focus away from those body parts that make you feel self-conscious and, instead, highlight what you believe are your strong points.

The diversion of attention can make a whole world of difference to your mood.

2. Dressing up can be enjoyable.

For a lot of young women especially, choosing the right clothing to wear is already a mood-boosting activity. Mixing and matching pieces to create a visually satisfying “look” is a pleasurable creative outlet. It’s an opportunity to express yourself and be proud of who you truly are.

Also, discovering new styles during the process can give you joys. There’s nothing like learning that certain combinations of clothing just work beautifully to bring a smile to your face.

For instance, a lot of young mothers get a kick out of how their “classic” oversized breastfeeding top can transform into a sexy mini-dress once belted, or edgy when paired with a tailored jacket.

It’s always fun to realize that there is more style potential for certain pieces of clothing that you own. The high is akin to the feeling you get from buying new clothes. But, it’s even better because you didn’t spend money on it.

3. The effort is a great way of “faking it until making it.”

Dressing up is a way to show the real you but it can also help in working toward the version of yourself that you want to become. So, if you are not feeling too sure of yourself or are not happy with the way you look, you can switch things up by choosing clothes that are the “opposite” of how you are feeling.

A group of researchers from the University of Queensland conducted an interview on how clothing can change one’s mood. Their survey reveals that it is common for people to put on clothing that will have others think that they are not feeling down even if they are having the biggest bummer of a day ever.

Clothing can serve as a magical mask for how you truly feel and eventually, you start “feeling” your clothes more and imbibing the vibe they give off.

4. The way you carry yourself changes.

There are pieces of clothing that can just change the way you present yourself. No matter what or how you are feeling, you find yourself becoming what the clothes represent.

For example, you have a grey pencil dress that can be paired with pink heels. This look has a sophisticated yet fun appeal. If you started your day feeling rather frumpy, this ensemble can help you snap out of that feeling so you can be a sophisticated version of you.

Basically, you have no other choice but to hold your body a certain way or you’ll be quite uncomfortable (well, more than you already feel). The body-hugging fit of the dress and the heels will make you improve your posture. You’ll find yourself standing up straighter, sucking everything in so your body molds nicely to the dress, and walking like you mean business.

5. It affects how people treat you.

People will treat you the way they perceive you. If you are dressed “smart”, you can bet that you will be treated more seriously and with better courtesy. This is because most folks get this notion that you are a professional whose time is important — more important than others actually.

You can worry less about people treating you in a way that can aggravate your bad mood if you dress well. They may even treat more nicely, which can certainly improve your initial disposition.

So, when you’re not feeling too “hot,” make the effort to look nice. It is one simple way of turning things around. When you look good, you already give yourself one solid reason to feel good. And most of the time, when you already feel good about one thing, everything else follows.


Jessicka Bell co-founded the AgenC, one of the leading model/talent agencies in the Middle East, in 2014. After just three years in the market, the AgenC now works with most (if not all) of the heavy hitters in media and fashion, as well as represents over 1,000 talents ranging from international models through to cast, kids, creatives, and photographers