Different types of blenders

Many people don’t know there are different types of blenders. There are various types of blenders depending on size, usage, price and material used to make their components. It is therefore important that you identify your needs so you can make the right choice of blender.

Common types of blenders

  1. There are heavy duty blenders or commercial blenders
  2. Glass blenders
  3. Counter top blenders
  4. Immersion blenders
  5. Cordless or battery operated blenders

The most common types of blenders are counter top blenders and heavy duty blenders. Counter top blenders are not costly and can be easily found in supermarkets. Their pitches are often made of glass so you can easily see the content that is being blend and have a base that is steady to offer support.

Counter top blenders are mostly used to make smoothies and milk shakes. If you love making smoothies from vegetables and fruits, then all you need is a blender. They have speed settings so you can choose the one you prefer.

Immersion blenders are also called hand held blenders. Just like the names suggest, it is immersed in a jug to blend your fruits or vegetables. Most hand held blenders comes with their jugs. This type of blender can be used to stir mix or make puree.

The cordless or battery operated blenders make use of battery that is rechargeable. You don’t need to plug to an electricity source in order to use and can be moved around unlike other blenders that need to blend near the source of electricity.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771)  is a blender on another level. In fact it is called a kitchen system that is able to do almost all chores required in preparation of food. It is able to blend, crush, mix dough, chop and produce puree.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771)  has a powerful motor and a big capacity blending jar. It is a powerful kitchen system that works with a high speed. It is suitable for a modern kitchen and for people that prepare large quantities of foods. Ninja mega kitchen system is a heavy duty blender hence it’s a kitchen appliance that will last for a long time. It will process tough ingredients unlike a simple blender.