Differences between men and women wedding bands

Taking care of the wedding bands to be used on the big day is a very important part of the plan. There is a huge possibility of the couple wanting to exchange matching rings. Some couples, however, decide to go each for one different type of ring according to their styles and tastes. Whatever road they may go, there are some significant differences to take into account when choosing a ring for him, and one for her.

  1. Size

This is the most obvious difference. The hands of the groom are usually wider than the bride’s, and therefore wider fingers. This will require a different size of the ring. Also, a man’s ring is usually thicker and without fragile ornaments that could be easily damaged when doing sport or hard manual tasks.

  1. Width

Men rings are usually wider than women’s. The usual width preferred by men goes around 0.23 inches, meanwhile, women prefer to stay around the 0.15 inches wide. The wider the ring, the higher its price since more material is necessary.

  1. Finishing

Most women prefer their rings to be polished and shiny while men prefer satin or brushed finish. This can also be useful for men to hide scratches on this type of surface.

  1. Stones and gems

This feature is slowly changing but still showing some trends. Men are usually more discreet with the stones chosen to decorate their rings while women like to show a bit more the gems that are placed in their rings. Diamonds, of course, top the list of favorites.

Are matching sets still an option?

Of course, they are! A matching pair of rings does not mean eliminating the personal touch the groom, and the bride wants to give to their rings. The set can share some features, some materials or gems and be different in other aspects. Nowadays, there are so many valuable options to choose from that creating a unique set is easier than ever. You can check some ring options for men in https://splendidjewellery.com/collections/tungsten-carbide-wedding-band.

These are just some of the advantages of having a catalog one-click away from the ring you are looking for. 

What materials are commonly used?

The more traditional one is gold. There are some different types of gold rings for men and women. There is white gold, yellow gold, and the new trendy rose gold. Each of these will look different according to the type of ornament and carving used.

There is also the possibility of new and attractive metals such as platinum and tungsten. These two will give the couple the option of having beautiful rings for both without paying the high prices of gold. The only thing needed is creativity, to find the combination of textures and colors that best pleases the couple.

Why should you have a ring set anyway?

The direct answer to this is that you should honor the ritual you are participating in. When people decide to get married, the ritual they undergo is very important to establish the new status of the couple. A ring has represented this union for ages, although its design and crafting has changed.

If you don’t like the idea of matching rings, think of the possibility of complementary rings. Here, the design will show some links from one ring to the other but without creating an exact copy for the bride and the groom.

Having individual rings should not be perceived as disrespectful or a bad sign. If this is the scenario, it is probably related to matching personality traits that both think are important for the union of the couple.

Guidelines are not rules

These are just pieces of advice for you to choose the ring that suits you best. The most important part, however, is to feel comfortable while wearing your wedding band. If you are a person that will be doing hard manual tasks all the time, it is better to go for a very simple wedding band that won’t interfere with your work. If you want a flashy ring that will get everybody’s attention, then go for diamonds and polished finish. If it feels right in your ring finger, then it is probably the best option.