Here Is Where You Can Find The Best Strain of Cannabis Flower

The “best” cannabis means different things to different people. Choosing a good strain depends on individual needs and goals: for some potency is the key to quality, while others put much emphasis on flavor and aroma. A different set of consumers prefer a CBD-rich or THC-rich strain.

At the end of the day, it boils down to specific needs. The good thing about cannabis is that it provides individuals with the freedom to find whatever they love or whatever works best for them.

With that said, we’ve prepared a simple framework that will help you identify the most important drivers of distinctive cannabis qualities.

Check the Color First

A lot of high quality cannabis in the market come in the shade of green with highlights of purple, orange or hues. Brown cannabis, especially the ones that have been pressed or have seeds are usually inferior in quality. But not all quality variants are green in color.

White strains are also popularly known for their magnificent power, potency and resin production. What’s surprising is that, if you remove their super sticky white coating, you’ll find a standard-looking green plant underneath.  

Smell the Aroma

The aroma and flavor of cannabis comes from chemical compounds known as terpenes. Quality cannabis have compounds that are either sour, sweet, piny, fruity, earthy or spicy. In addition to providing aroma and flavor, some terpenes have therapeutic and psychoactive effects.

The relationship between terpene content and how cannabis makes you feel is still being explored. It is still not perfectly clear why consumers express strong aversions for specific terpene profiles.

A number of consumers highly prefer skunk strains which are characterized by an overpowering earthy aroma. The aroma is so powerful that it needs to be sealed away carefully where discretion is called for.

White strains on the hand are preferred because of their powerful, punchy aroma. This strain is specifically a coffee shop favorite’s as many of its properties are social and energizing.

Feel the Texture

You can feel the texture of cannabis by pinching its bud while using your thumb and forefinger.

The objective is to identify the most stickiest flower

It is important to note that the freshness and potency of cannabis is determined by the size and number of trichomes found on its surface. Quality cannabis flowers tend to be sticky as trichomes are intensely viscous. Most white and skunk strains tend to be thick and sticky.

Final Remarks

Generally, when it comes choosing the right cannabis flower, you got to understand its provenance. Cannabis are somehow similar to grapes, they come in various varietals known as strains. Many of them come in colorful names like Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush and OG.

All these variants differ in flavor and aroma. They also produce different physiological and psychoactive effects which are profound to every individual.  Identifying a favorable strain simply requires one to explore different options.

Once you find a specific strain of cannabis that you like, you might want to explore it’s genetic history so as to identify the family of strains it belongs to-you’ll most likely enjoy other strains from the same family.