Buying Guide And Varieties In Trendy Swimwear For 2019

Swimming is an exercise that is extremely beneficial to your health, irrespective of age. The whole body is exercised thoroughly as you move your limbs vigorously in a pattern. It is widely loved and enjoyed the extra-curricular activity. Just like every other sport that requires special attention to the attire, swimmers to need a proper dress; they are called swimming costumes.

Thanks to the widespread practise of swimming all around the world, there are a plethora of varieties when you are planning to purchase swimsuits. Although swimsuits serve the same purpose the preferences can vary following comfort levels.

Here’s a list of factors that you need to check before purchasing swimsuits:


  • Proper Value For Money


Swimsuits are not very costly if you buy from local stores. Check the product and compare the prices before you buy. However, there are some more swimming accessories you need to buy along, like goggles, earplugs etc. To calculate the budget including them as well. If you buy from online stores, be careful to compare the prices before adding to the cart. Branded ones might be expensive, if you swim occasionally, it is better to go for designer ones. While if you are a regular swimmer, consider comfort and durability over price.


  • The Material Of The Costume


There are many kinds of materials like lycra, polyester and so one that is just perfect for swimsuits. They are resistant to chlorine water and dries within no time. You also get different designs. Some have sleeves, while others are sleeveless with a deep neckline. Trending swimsuits for regular swimmers also have connected trunks (Especially for girls).


  • Sizes


While choosing a seafolly swimwear you need to specific and sure about the size. As different women have different sizes hence the swimsuit they choose will also differ. Do not buy as per your regular dress size ad swimwear needs to be body tight. Thus check sizes based on your innerwear. Be it fat, thin or a curvy body, a swimming costume should complement the body at the right places.

Varieties Of Swimsuit


  • Trunkless swimsuit


This kind of swimsuit is commonly found in almost every kind of sports shop. You may even find these kinds of standard swimsuit as a seafolly swimwear. They are commonly worn by women.


  • Knee Length


This variant of swimsuit is for those women who do not like baring their thighs and hence prefer knee-high swimsuit (connected trunks). You get a skirt like extension at the hip and trunks below. These are perfect for teenagers or older women.


  • Bikini


The most common heard swimwear is a bikini. A bikini is basically a top piece suit with an upper and lower part. Looks stylish and perfect for beach vacations – you can get bikinis in numerous colours and designs!

Seafolly swimwear provides with all these types of swimsuits in all sizes and colours.