Best Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring

Has your engagement dates been fixed already? We are sure the jitters of making you think about a lot of preparations and it starts with none other than the engagement ring. Diamond rings have been an evergreen choice of people who want their engagement rings to be special, unique and forever. Diamonds reflect much more than other metals and stones. They reflect your love, your personality and your class of choices among stones and everything in life.

As diamond comes in varying shapes, all the shapes of diamonds have something to say through their picturesque angles and designs.

Princess cut diamonds: This shape has been gaining immense popularity among people who love classic sparkling designs. As the name goes, the princess cut is one of most adorned designs among diamond shapes. While wearing a princess cut diamond ring, you tend to flaunt a mix of traditional as well as modern choices in your personality. You showcase yourselves as a modern person with great respect and value for the things from the past.

Round diamonds:

One of the most popular and commonly found shapes of diamond is the round shape. It was developed somewhere in the 20th century and since then it has given experimenting goals to not only the makers but the consumers as well. It is said that the round shapes consist of 58 facets as allows maximum light to pass through itself making it brighter and sparkling. People can accentuate round cut shapes of diamond with various accessories and styles of jewelry.

Cushion diamonds:

One of the classic parallel designs, cushion diamonds is the thing of the modern yet contemporary times. It is designed like a cushion with soft edges and subtle shape. It is more distinctive than round and square shapes as it is a mix of both of them. Signifying your love for variations, cushion diamonds are just perfect for any occasion and styling.

Oval diamonds:

If you are elegant and fashionable, oval shapes of diamonds will definitely go with your personality. Oval is a shape that just doesn’t fail the one who showcases them on any event. You will always manage to turn the heads when you will make appearances in oval shape diamond. An elongated diamond shape, an oval is considered a flattering choice for all finger types especially if your palms or fingers are shorter, oval shape will accentuate them particularly.

Emerald diamond:

It is said that emerald shapes of diamonds have been derived from their inspiration from green gemstones. Although emerald shapes do not radiate much of light and often reflect their uniqueness with their designs, yet these are very popular among girls who have a taste in unique jewelry styles. Some call it dramatic while others call it the confidence of the owner that emerald designs are still a popular choice.

Pear diamonds:

Last but not least, one of the most favorite choices of the writer, pear shape diamonds are beautiful, unique and designed like a teardrop. As a matter of fact, it is like the dewdrop that satiates a sense of freshness and the pointed end is just as feminine as it can be! It allows you to define your own style with various combinations of dresses, moods, and occasions.

We are sure by now you have finalized your choice of the engagement ring and for more information keep reading about our blogs.