Aqualite – Celebrated Footwear in 7 Exquisite Ranges

Aqualite may be the first company to possess utilized each and every colour in the VIBGYOR spectrum on their own selection of footwear. It is not easy to assume the way the designers produced this gigantic quantity of designs that have been spread onto 7 different ranges. The range is really diverse you are able to gauge yourself by dealing with their titles: Leads, Avoi, Airwear, GuruKul, Aquasoft, RealPU and Ultra. Each addressing another age bracket and also to spread the shades across each one of these is really a task beyond the majority of the critics.

Began in 2004 Aqualite is continuing to grow huge and it is tough to imagine. A few years back their turnover was over 7 billion Rupees plus they aspire to double it within the next couple of years. Equipped with 1,000 dealers from coast to coast, they’ve around 100 outlets that belongs to them known as company showrooms.

The 7 Exclusive Footwear Ranges: Inside a class that belongs to them

Let’s see what these exclusive varies from Aqualite include. We all know it will likely be a fascinating discussion its our readers.

Leads: The actual leaders of all of the ranges and appearance inside a riot of colors. Start browsing them and you will notice that not really a single colour is excluded from the spectrum as you would expect. This selection of footwear is easily the most stylish from the lot and it is grabbed rapidly by all of our customers within virtually no time. This range is one which Aqualite updates at regular times.

Ultra: Probably the most diversified range of all of the brands. It offers thick overalls including soles and straps that stretch fully range. All the footwear have maximum contrast and also have the capacity of attracting anybody instantly. Aqualite is proud is the creator of the range.

Gurukul: This vary from Aqualite covers the college going children. Created for utmost comfort while supplying versatility that is apt for growing children who’re the naughtiest in schools and try to prepared to jump and slip. The footwear are made to undertake the rough using the smooth.

Avoi: Produced for that “evolved”, the footwear use subtle hints and smooth colour combinations. Made to gel with mature people the seniors readily choose them for private use. You will find colours without doubt only just as much to complement the over 60’s. The feedback acquired is extremely positive and Aqualite’s designers ought to be credited for that success.

Airwear: Out of the box apparent through the name, this whole range concentrates on “Airy” footwear that’s where your ft keep fresh because of circulating air. Surprisingly this range isn’t restricted to slippers as even footwear are members of it. This range is a lot searched for after in summers as well as in wet seasons.

Real-PU: This range stands on the solid footing because the soles comprise Memory or PU. These soles are extremely rugged and serve you for a lifetime. When the user is careful, the footwear can certainly serve you for a decade. The good thing of PU is technology-not only how you can however, you cannot destroy it easily.

Aquasoft: This is actually the range that is inspired by water or aqua for brief. The disposable flowing selection of footwear attracts everyone and also the shirt is so soft, you can’t fail with this particular range ever. The designs are extremely subtle and absorbing that individuals all walks of existence make certain to access least one pair. Aqualite is proud to become referred to as creators of the highly professional footwear range.

The children are extremely happy with the shade of shades Aqualite uses to produce its stunning footwear. Furthermore the whole range is really cost-effective, kids wish to purchase many of the footwear created for them as well as parents are awesome because despite purchasing more footwear, the whole cost doesn’t create a hole within their pockets.

Aqualite has created a distinct segment on their own in the centre to middle-upper type of people.