6 Advantages of A Laser Printer Toner That You Should Be Aware Of

Laser printer toner is the new best thing in the market that’s piquing the interest of printer owners. No matter you’re looking for one for your office or you own a printing press with bulk documents, laser toners are the current best options that you must explore. Wondering what makes them so unique? You’ve happened to find the correct guide then. Move down through the list of advantages that’ll help you evaluate the advantages of having a laser printer toner.

  1. It Lasts Longer

A high-quality laser printer toner like the hp toner comes in the form of a superior quality powder. The powder, upon getting heated, serves the purpose of ink; thereby, printing words and graphics on paper. Besides, a single standard yield cartridge can print about 12k pages easily.

  1. It Is Durable

To begin with, a laser printer toner gets dry quickly on paper and is waterproof. But on the other hand, the powder does not clot or dry even when concealed within the printer for weeks. Precisely, it is extremely durable.

  1. High Printing Quality

An inscription written with a laser printer toner is capable of remaining crystal clear for over 100 years. Nevertheless, the quality is ultra clear and the words are clearly visible and distinguishable from each other.

  1. It Is Economical

Despite laser printer toners cost more than inkjet toners, yet they last a long time. Hence, they prove to be quite economical in the long run and are completely worth the investment. Besides, since their shelf life is long and the toner powder doesn’t clot, it’s currently the worthiest option available in the market.

  1. It Is Highly Compatible

Laser toners are compatible with laser printers from most major brands. Also, they are your best options if you handle bulk documents on a daily basis. The page yield and speed of printing per minute is higher as well.

  1. Gives Documents A Shiny Look

When converted to graphics and texts on the paper, there’s no loose powder left on the paper. As a result, the clarity is high and there’s absolutely no shadow image around any word. It imparts the documents a shiny finish and the words appear somewhat glossy under the light.

To conclude, despite a laser toner cartridge costs more, it lasts longer and yields more pages at supersonic speed. All in all, the printing precision and accuracy provided by laser toner cartridges is commendable.