5 most wanted designs of Czech glass beads

Beads demand for jewelry making has been increasing. Whether you are just starting to use beads or if you have already been making jewelry for years, you will find Czech Glass beads the best for this.You will be able to chain the colors in the jewelry designs that will craft jewelry accessories that will be unique and according to latest trends and fashions.

Glass is among one of the most flexible and widely used resources for the formation of beads. Glass beads have been around from the ancient times. The czech glass beads back to at least Roman times. Beads prepared from glass come in all shapes, forms,sizes, colors and go through a dizzifying, vast array of manufacturing methods to produce a never-ending range of beads such as glass pearls, crystals beads, rivoli beads, 2 hole beads,cat-eye beads and much more.

Rivoli Beads:

One of the favorite new beads is known as Rivoli beads. To be precise, the Rivoli beads don’t have any hole, therefore they are not really beads. Similar to a cabochon, the Rivoli beads could be incorporated into the jewelry as the main elements as well as they are extensively used in the beadwork. The Rivoli beads are frequently referred to as the crystal stones, are precisely the large rhinestones. The Rivoli beads are round in shape and have a pointed front and rear sides. On most of the Rivoli beads, the rear is covered by a layer of foil that increases the brightness of the surface.

2 Hole Beads:

2 hole beads are just what they sound. The beads with the two corresponding holes through them as contrasting to the single traditional hole are known as 2 hole beads. 2 hole beads provide the beaders with all types of possibilities when they are making DIY bracelets, earrings, necklaces as well as other costume jewelry designs. 

Fire-Polished Czech Glass Beads:

Glass production in the Czech Republic is a period old cottage business. These Czech Glass beads are still prepared in small amounts by hand. These beads are made by the finest dealers and using the most reliable, beautiful glass offered in the market. Due to the technique, the glass is made, there may be theminor color difference from one batch to another. Fire-polished Czech glass beads from the Czech Republic are themainbeadarticle for each beader’s bead box.

Neon Czech Glass Beads:

Take along bright chic to your designs with theneon Czech glass beads. Every single of these beads bangs to life with the great glow of neon color. You willhook everyone’s eye when these beadsare added to the jewelry items. Pair them with dense shades of black to mark them to be noticeable. The neon beads are available in a variety of sizes such as  4mm and 6mm. These are available in hot pink choices, neon yellow beads,  neon orange beauties and much more.

Pinch Czech Glass Beads:

Augment the touch of color to the jewelry projects with these stunning Czech glass pinch beads. They have an excellent pinched oval shape that can without difficulty be merged into bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.